Meet our Instructors

Dasha Marchetti headshot.jpg

Dasha Marchetti

Dasha Marchetti is the Executive Director of Continuing Education at Bucks. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Pace University and an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from La Salle University.

Dasha leads a non-credit department that provides career and personal development opportunities to the community. She creates and implements strategic initiatives to help with future revenue growth and provides tactical leadership in her widely diverse area.

She is an instructor in Storytelling, Professional Development, Marketing, and International Business.



Asger Daugbjerg

Asger Daugbjerg resides in Singapore and is the International Ambassador in Asia for Bucks.

Asger holds a M.Sc. degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School and a MBA degree from Henley Management College, UK. He has more than 30 years of experience in advertising, consulting, teaching and being an entrepreneur, having started four companies himself, in Europe and in Asia.

He is an instructor in Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Business Strategy, Storytelling and Professional Networking.


Brant Steen

Brant Steen is the Associate Vice President of Technology and Innovation and the CIO at Bucks. He holds a B.A in Psychology from Shippensburg University and an M.S. in Computer Information Science from La Salle University.

Brant oversees Information Technology Services (IT) operations at Bucks, coming from a background of development, systems integration, and data analytics.

He is an instructor in Business Analytics, Systems Integrations, Development, and Workflow Analysis/Engineering.